Dr. Christopher M. Longo is an assistant principal at New Milford High School in New Milford, Connecticut.  Christopher has experience in writing and designing curriculum in science, in addition to presenting professional development in the areas of curriculum, instruction, technology, teacher evaluation, and school climate.  Dr. Longo has completed research in the area of inquiry learning and science fair achievement and has published articles related to inquiry in science and creativity in education journals.

More Detailed Biography

Dr. Longo was a science teacher for the Bethel Public Schools in Bethel, CT for twelve years (2000-2012).  Dr. Longo taught seventh grade life science, where he was a curriculum leader for seven years.  He then took on the role of science department chair at Bethel High School in 2010, where he also taught Freshman Honors Biology.  Christopher served on various district leadership committees during his tenure in Bethel: science vertical team, Tech Champion assistance group, and the Leadership Cadre.

When in the classroom, Christopher’s teaching was mirrored around three major components.  Chris’s lessons were inquiry-based, allowing students of all learning styles to utilize higher level thinking skills, and “real-life” in nature.  Students in Dr. Longo’s classes kept portfolios, responded to open ended questions, and collected and analyzed data.  There was also an online component in his classes, where students reflected on learning in the classroom through the use of blogs. Christopher’s teaching embodied the belief that all students can achieve, and that it was his job to effectively differentiate instruction in a positive and meaningful way.

Dr. Longo wrote curriculum for the district during his time in Bethel, which was aligned with state frameworks.  He served on the school’s professional development committee for five years. Dr. Longo presented several workshops in Bethel, at other school districts, and at the university level related to the science curriculum, technology, effective teaching strategies and teacher evaluation.  Chris has published two articles in education journals related to inquiry and creativity in secondary science.

Christopher played a role in the Bethel community by coaching, organizing fundraisers, and devoting his time for numerous school and community functions.  Christopher received the Teacher of the Year award from Bethel Middle School in March of 2009.  Dr. Longo was part of the district’s mentor program for students, while also mentoring several student-teachers and interns over the years.  He received outstanding cooperating teacher of the year in May 2010 for mentoring a student from the University of Bridgeport.  Christopher helped organize the middle school’s science fair, as well as coordinating the annual trip to Nature’s Classroom each year from 2001-2010.  (Nature’s Classroom is science-based, 5-day overnight trip for Bethel seventh graders.)

Christopher completed a quantitative research study based on inquiry learning in middle school science.  He defended his doctoral dissertation on March 10, 2012.  This research is described later in more detail.

Dr. Longo accepted a position as assistant principal at New Milford High School in July 2012.  Christopher has chaired the NMHS School Climate Committee for the past two years, including students, staff, and parents.  Dr. Longo has evaluated staff members using the State SEED model in the Art, Music, Health, Business, Technical Education, and World Language departments.  In addition to supervising students of all grade levels with last names P-Z, Dr. Longo also supervises all extra-curricular clubs and activities, school field trips, and fundraisers.  Lastly, Christopher has developed a Twitter page (https://www.twitter.com/drchrislongo) in order to share, collaborate, and network professionally both within the district and extending to a national Personal Learning Network (PLN).

Christopher is also enrolled in coursework to complete a Connecticut Superintendent Certification (Endorsement 093) at Central Connecticut State University.  All coursework and requirements for this certificate will be complete by December 2014.


Christopher published his first article in 2010.  This article appeared in the January 2010 issue of The Clearing House.  The article is titled: Fostering Creativity or Teaching to the Test? Implications of State Testing on the Delivery of Science Instruction.

Christopher published his second article in 2011.  This article appears in the September 2011 issue of Middle School Journal.  The article is titled: Designing Inquiry-Oriented Science Lab Activities.  See this link for his publication: http://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/EJ961633.pdf

Dr. Longo has two current articles that are being reviewed for publication.  One article is focused on the infusion of inquiry learning with a blended learning model and the second article is centered on developing a positive school climate.  Christopher is also collaborating with a student at New Milford High on an article that will be submitted for publication.

Recent Notable Presentations

On Tuesday, March 6, 2012, Christopher presented at the Phi Delta Kappa meeting.  The presentation was titled: A Case Study in a Blended Classroom: What’s New in Technology?  Christopher has also presented a similar presentation to different audiences including colleagues in the New Milford Public Schools, the Regional School District 12 Science and Technology departments, in addition to Western Connecticut State University master’s degree and doctoral students.  This presentation was titled: Changing the Instructional Model: Utilizing Blended Learning As a Tool of Inquiry in All Classrooms.  This presentation can be viewed here: http://prezi.com/yx6shuhylvbd/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy

Dr. Longo successfully defended his dissertation on March 10, 2012 at WCSU.  His research took place at Bethel Middle School from October 2010 to April 2011. There were 229 students and 4 teachers who took part in this research, titled “Effects of an inquiry-based science program on critical thinking, science process skills, creativity, and science fair achievement of middle school students.”  Learn more about this research at: http://prezi.com/gcm4td0dr76v/longo-doctoral-dissertation/

In addition to chairing the New Milford High School Climate Committee, Chris has also presented to all staff and students in 2012, 2013, and 2014 regarding initiatives, progress, and ways to improve school culture based on survey data.  One presentation that summarizes school climate goals can be seen at:   http://prezi.com/gdt7h6irrvmm/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share

Leadership on Dissertation Committees

Dr. Longo has served on multiple dissertation committees as a secondary advisory for doctoral students at Western Connecticut State University.  By advising doctoral students, Christopher has been able to assist in research, provide insights and writing techniques, and also contribute ideas to current research efforts of his colleagues.

Online Professional Development

Dr. Longo participates every Thursday in #ctedchat, a Twitter group chat of Connecticut educators.  Christopher has served as guest moderator for these chats on topics such as School Climate and Social and Emotional Literacy in Education.


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